Ongoing TLC

There is just nothing as lovely as a newly tended garden.  The well-pruned plants rest serenely in their uncluttered space.  The mulched soil is fluffy and dark, teeming with health.

Texture, color and shape emerge to greet your eye.  Profusions of growth rest beside the newly swept path.  You take a deep breath and smell the loamy health of your living landscape.  This is your garden!

Would you like to come home to your garden like this?  We KaBloomers would be thrilled to give you this experience.  Give me a call and I’ll come for a free consultation to ascertain the state of the garden, discover your specific needs and preferences, and provide you with an appropriate monthly time/cost estimate.  We can visit as often as weekly, or at whichever rhythm you’d prefer.

  • During any given visit, we will do whatever tasks are needed (weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, sweeping, transplanting, etc.) and will note our projects on your monthly invoice.
  • We will use only organic fertilizers, mulches and pest treatments.  All products applied will be certified approved for use in organic gardens.  I will go to local sources first for mulches, fertilizers and plants.
  • (Please note; because lawns require a maintenance schedule largely independent of the rest of the garden, we do not provide mowing services.  Please see my links for recommended mowing companies on Orcas.)