Garden Renovation

Your garden is part of your home, your primary environment.  It should soothe and delight you.  So when you look at your garden and feel “blech”, well, it’s a real bummer.  You might not know what to do about it, either.   Well, it just so happens that I love to swoop in and transform things.

We could just do a one-time major cleanup/mulching/pruning/edging renovation, or we could supplement with some redesign. Whatever we do will make you feel a lot better.

You and I can look around your garden together, talk about what bothers you or what you’d really like to see, and I will come up with some ideas and recommendations.  Then I will assemble the materials and appropriate team and we will make it so!


Please call or email me (click ‘contact’) to set up a free consult or to ask some questions!


Thank you!!