Garden Design and Installation

The Landscape design process requires a very high level of communication and planning, plant/soil/ecological knowledge, and professional project management.  The process begins with a visit, in which I will interview you to discover some key elements:

  • Your Needs:  If you had the perfect garden, the one of your dreams, what would it feel and look like?  How do you want to use the space around your home or business?  What views need blocking, or enhancing?  How much care would you like to put into your garden once it’s installed?  What is your budget?
  • Your Site’s Ecology:  Will the garden be fenced?  Irrigated?  Are there slope or drainage issues to consider?  How is the existing soil?  What microclimates are present and how can we maximize them?

Once we get a good feel for the situation, I will work up a preliminary sketch of our project’s parameters to make sure we’re on the same page.  Once I receive your go-ahead, I will create  a design and a corresponding estimate of cost and timeline.  We can then revise the plan if needed, and proceed in creating a fabulous garden for you!

  • Something to know:  Experience has shown me that it is wise to work up thorough estimates and then charge clients for actual time and materials, instead of bidding the project cost and fixing it (often with significant padding) ahead of time.  My satisfied clients (see ‘reviews’) tell me this works in their favor (I’m very conscientious about sticking to budget), and it helps me to relax and stay creative, thereby producing better results.
  • Rates for design are $100/hour.  This includes consultations (after the initial free meeting of course, once we agree to work together), planning the project, and designing in-situ.
  • Rates for installation are $50/hour/laborer.  This includes site prep, soil work, planting, mulching, etc.
Feel free to call and chat about the possibilities!  
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