Seeds of KaBloom

My study of landscape design began in Brooklyn, NY, when as a child I noticed that the primary physical difference between a beautiful affluent street and a stark impoverished one was, quite simply, the presence of trees.

My father was an architect, and my attention naturally followed his toward the effect of buildings.  What I noticed, however, was the striking difference that the plants around buildings affected.  Plants make Buildings at Home.

As a teen I forgot all about plants.  I turned my attention to the ocean, creating a line of seaglass-based jewelry and then studying Marine and Freshwater Biology in the islands of coastal New Hampshire.  It was in this fascinating course of study that I fell deeply love with the natural world and its incredible workings.

Following college graduation I gradually realized that art was just as important to me as science.  I furthermore discovered a very satisfying green thumb, and found that working in gardens utilized both my artistic and scientific proclivities.  I got a landscaping job on Bainbridge island and in 3 years started my own business there.  I’ve been at it ever since.

I love plants and outdoor living spaces. I love good design. I love producing excellent results, professionally. I love being of service to my family of clients.

And so is my story,  Art+Science+Love = KaBloom!